Monday, December 15, 2014

Bringing "How To" Videos to Vine and Instagram

After an extremely successful Black Friday Vine program, Lowes continues to evolve the campaign using consumer behavior and insights to drive creative, and effective, work. 

In the new campaign, Lowes:
  • Evolves the “Fix in Six” campaign from small hacks to larger projects
  • Showcases seemingly hard-to-do tasks in easy, digestable, 6-15 second videos
  • Leverages existing user experience and platform functionality with a “Tap thru” engagement
  • Breaks projects into steps that viewers can pause turning the quick video into a tutorial
  • Educates audiences on how to use the feature and videos
Now, with the influx of the use of the mobile app and utility of the Vines, there is an opportunity to take this in-store and purchase the items needed for this DIY project. 

To learn more about the new campaign, see Lowes on Instagram, Vine and within this article.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Twitter Evolves Advertising Opportunities

During Twitter’s first Analysts Day in mid-November,  Twitter announced and alluded to new updates to the ad platforms that further compete with Facebook and even search giants like Google, particularly with mobile and video solutions.

Some of those updates include:
  • Twitter Offers:
    • After slowly allowing brands to sell on the platform, Twitter is further showing its devotion to eCommerce via an Offer Card
    • Users can add the offer to their credit/debit card in a few taps and redeem in real time via their card
    • Attribution will be easy to track directly on Twitter campaigns to further measure ROI for offers
  • App install tracking
    • Answers is now available as a free mobile measurement tool to track promoted and organic app installs driven by Twitter
  • Native Video coming to Twitter by Summer 2015
    • Beyond native uploading, the platform will allow for record, edit and sharing video directly on the platform
  • SEO for Local and Logged Out Users
    • Will provide a stronger experience for logged out users when searching content
    • Google search keyword data may play a larger role in Twitter content

For more information see below: