Thursday, February 20, 2014

Key Moments in Social Media

After a great Social Media Week panel with the likes of Social Code, Livestream and BuzzFeed, we heard a lot of the same stuff: 

Social TV is not going away. Users are engaging with live TV events (like Super Bowl, award shows, sports, etc) while on social within their mobile devices.
  • We should be selective for the events in which we engage on live events
    • For Example:  Pepsi only held a live event war room for the Grammy’s and Super Bowl as they have a larger presence for these events. It gives them more of a reason, and more content to work with, when engaging on these programs.

Listen to, and think like, Customers:
  • Become more “Data Driven” but with the right data points based on campaign KPIs
  • Continue to join existing conversations, rather than creating your own so we can become a part of the community
  • Evaluate if you would share your branded content as a user first - if the answer is no, don't publish it!

But, some information is nice to hear again as a reminder for brands: 

Think moneyball strategy for content strategy with 3 types of content:
  • Evergreen strategy: maintain the “always on” organic posts that support the brand and marketing goals (long tail)
  • Seasonal strategy: Layer in relevant content to join the existing conversations
  • Real-time integrations: Plan around a tent-pole moment and react to real time moments (like Sponsorship opportunities)

Content has a shelf-life. Revisit it and repurpose it when we can:
  • Think about the platform shelf-life:
    • Twitter = 2-3 days
    • Facebook = 5-7 days
    • Instagram = 5-7 days
    • Pinterest = 60-90 days
  • Some evergreen content can be repurposed – evaluate how to optimize and bring back to the platforms especially if the content worked well the first time
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twitter & TV are Better Together

As we look back on the success stories for this year’s Super Bowl ads, it’s apparent that TV and Twitter can be extremely powerful when used together.

Through recent Twitter studies and articles we found that:

  • 31 total hashtags were used in 57% of nationally-run Super Bowl ads, up from 50% last year, according to #Hashtagbowl 
  • #Hashtags in TV ads drive positive brand conversations 
    • TV ads that featured hashtags had 42% more Tweets about the ads than those without hashtags 
    • Additionally, Esurance asked TV viewers to enter their #EsuranceSave30 sweepstakes on Twitter to win an extremely enticing prize. Esurance accrued 3 Million tweets, with 200,000 coming in the first minute after the ad aired.
      • The success is tied to both, a great prize and the tie of Twitter and TV 
  • Twitter keeps viewers tuned in to advertising 
    •  The use of Twitter while watching TV, decreased the likelihood of users changing the channel while watching the ad 
  •  Twitter makes TV ads more effective 
    •  Viewers who watched TV without a second-screen had an average TV ad recall of 40% while those who watched TV while using Twitter, had an ad recall of 53%, as shown below
This research helps drive home that using hashtags in ads should be a best practice. When this combination is used with large scale events, like the Super Bowl, it is beneficial for both brands and viewers.

To learn more about this Twitter study and why TV and Twitter are better together, click here. See the full infographic below:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl Social Wins (Still, none for Peyton)

Forget the TV spots, during the boring Super Bowl on Sunday, you could have been entertained on social media instead.

Thank you, Twitterverse, for hours of fun.

Here are some of the great engagements, conversations, and social posts from brands that just "get it:"

Oreo's Sits this one out...

Dorito's Human Dorito at MetLife:



RadioShack #InWithTheNew Campaign Support:

SNICKERS Connecting with (drunk) JCPenney:
Tide Vines:

And for the brand trying to be real time.. and just being well..:

Happy Anniversary, Facebook.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook.

Through the 10 years, Facebook went from small university network, to a worldwide movement.

I feel as though I've seen it all being on the platform for nearly 9.5 years.  Take a look at your history on Facebook with a look back. 

Also, thanks to Mashable for this great infographic:
Facebook 10 year infographic