Thursday, November 21, 2013

LinkedIn Launches Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Corp. To File For IPO
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LinkedIn is looking to help companies get the right content in front of the right users with their latest addition to the site, Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages will allow companies to control and share content to a more focused and interested audience. As a result of this new publishing tool available to businesses, LinkedIn users will soon have access to a wider range of professionally curated content.

With Showcase Pages, companies can now:
·         Create custom pages for niche divisions or business units
·         Focus content to specific audiences, who have already shown interest in the company and/or related products
·         Businesses can monitor the performance of their page through LinkedIn’s analytic tools
·         Participate in advertising opportunities that aim to increase the Showcase Page’s total followers as well as promoting posts and content in from of others who aren’t following the page, similar to other platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

To learn more about this announcement, please click here.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Facebook Like & Share Gets Redesign

Screenshot 2013-11-06 15.25.47According to Facebook, the Like and Share buttons appear on over 7.5 million websites and are seen 22 billion times per day. They are also important drivers for Facebook referral traffic. For the first time since their inception, the Like and Share buttons have a new design.

The new design utilizes the Facebook “F” icon, instead of the thumb. They will automatically updated across the web, meaning no additional work will be needed for website owners. But, a Like and Share combo button is available for embedding on websites.

Further details can be found in the links below: